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  The Bolshoi Music Videos

Here are almost all the music videos done by The Bolshoi, including "A Way." The only one missing is "Happy Boy" -- which is out there someplace! Check out the bottom for a little bonus video (no promises there).

Each video offered in low and high resolution Windows Media format. Dial-up users, please use lo-res as the hi-res files can reach 100+ MB. Just right click on the one you want to download and select "Save link as..."

If you run into any problems, feel free to email me.

A Way Sunday Morning Please
Lo-Res Hi-Res Lo-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Lo-Res
Trev and the boys in a house somewhere in London. This is of the single version of the song, so you have those odd edits that make it almost unlistenable (in my humble opinion). Trevor sits on a couch on various places in London through various "days." The boys show up a little here and there, but it's really Trevor's show. Perhaps the band's best video, especially for one who never was able to see the band live. The band playing on a rooftop is interchanged with scenes of the band playing live.
T.V. Man    
Lo-Res Hi-Res        
Everyone gets featured in this tongue-in-cheek video that is a literal take of the song. See my own "TV Man" (which was made before seeing this) below.    

Home Videos

T.V. Man (Student Film - 1992)    
Lo-Res Hi-Res        
A student film made by this website's creator -- be easy on him, he was 18 at the time and just starting to play around with the idea of being a filmmaker (he has since moved away from that aspiration). Inspired by The Bolshoi's song and featuring "Kill Your Television" by Ned's Atomic Dustbin in the closing credits...    


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