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So, you want to pick up a CD with "A Way" or long to grab a single or twelve-inch of some Bolshoi rarity? How about one of the side projects? It's not easy to pick them up at your local record shop, so here are a few places to look.




Quite simply, the best, least expensive resource for Bolshoi and Bolshoi-related items. Sure, it's hit-or-miss -- meaning you need to check it often -- but you can find some real gems here. A hint -- don't pay more than $10 for ANY Bolshoi record or CD. I love the band, but there's no reason for anything to cost more than that. Interested in what's available? Search eBay Now for The Bolshoi by Clicking Here!

If you want to search for The Brotherland, Moskow or Trevor's solo CDs (offered autographed!), use the following search box.





I like MusicStack a lot -- you can find a lot of rare stuff here. Also, the founder is from Cleveland, where I now live. Now the prices are a bit higher here than on eBay, but you can usually find plenty of everything always... If you want it now and cost isn't an issue, this is the place for you. Search MusicStack Now for The Bolshoi by Clicking Here!

If you want to search for The Brotherland, Moskow or anything else, use the following search box.

Search 15 Million Music CDs & LPs at MusicStack



Everyone Else...

When it comes to current music, I think Amazon is hard to beat, but for The Bolshoi, you can do better. All you will get here is the CDs, and the price is not as good as eBay. But if you are concerned about using an auction site for any reason, this is safe! You can also find Trevor's solo stuff here, but might as well get that below. No Brotherland, Moskow, Celtic Soul or Rathkeltair, though!

Emperor Penguin Recordings - Trevor Tanner
If you want to buy Trevor's solo album(s), you can get them here -- straight from the source -- if you'd like.

CD Baby - Rathkeltair "Everybody"
Rathkeltair's first studio release is available through CD Baby (the band's official source other than live shows).

CD Baby - Rathkeltair "Live"
Rathkeltair's first release -- a "live" effort. Also available through CD Baby.

Digital Downloads - iTunes
Unfortunately for non-iPod owners, it's tough to find legit downloads for the band. Even searching Kazaa, Limewire and other P2P services yield only a few results. You are better off buying a CD and burning it yourself, IMHO.


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