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  The Bolshoi Live Video

This gem was recorded for Argentinian TV. The band was very big in South America and continues to be, judging from the emails I have gotten. This tape was originally recorded in PAL, then converted to NTSC and cut down -- I am not sure what generation it is, but it is only fair quality (as you can tell from the screenshots). Still, it's awesome having a full live show to watch. Thanks to Rodrigo Pinilla for sending this through oh so many years ago!

Each is offered in low and high resolution Windows Media format. Dial-up users, please use lo-res as the hi-res files can reach 100+ MB. Just right click on the one you want to download and select "Save link as..."

If you run into any problems, feel free to email me.

Live in Argentina

Credits/Someone's Daughter T.V. Man She Don't Know
Lo-Res Hi-Res Lo-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Lo-Res
The opening credits for the "Live in Argentina" special (brought to you by Pepsi Music!) going into "Someone's Daughter." A nice rendition of "T.V. Man" featuring Nick Chown doing his bit toward the end. As this tour supported "Lindy's Party," there are a bunch of tracks from that album, including this track.
Pardon Me Sunday Morning Crack in Smile
Lo-Res Hi-Res Lo-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Lo-Res
Not my favorite song, and kind of a downer at this point in the show, in my opinion. The classic -- we don't get to see "Books on the Bonfire" but this is very nice. Another choice from "Lindy's Party."
Rainy Day Modern Man Please
Lo-Res Hi-Res Lo-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Lo-Res
A better track from "Lindy's Party." A nice "older" track from "Friends." This song has been posted for awhile, and is one of the "hits" played during the show.
Looking For a Life to Lose Barrowlands A Way/End Credits
Lo-Res Hi-Res Lo-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Lo-Res
The last track from the main set -- another good "Friends" track. First encore track. The one you were probably looking for -- a nice, extended version, but unfortunately the end credits come over it...


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