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This site is the result of a lot of hard work and effort from not only myself, but others who are fans of the band. Many have gone out of their way to contribute something to the site, usually expecting and getting nothing in return.

I try and thank these people as much as possible and note their contributions as I post them, but this is a place where I can let everyone know who else to thank for the great information you find on this site!

Thanks again to all the contributors listed below, and if I have missed anyone, please let me know!

Greg Baerg

Site Contributors

  • Paul Clark - Former band member Paul Clark has provided photos and information to help make the as information (and accurate) as possible!
  • Trevor Tanner - Trevor has provided some info and been very complimentary of the site!
  • Nick Chown - Nick was in touch during the intial site's existence and provided some great feedback about band history.

  • Simon Proudman - Music Journalist who has tons of material for both The Bolshoi and Kite. Has sent through many articles and press releases that are featured on the site.
  • Cash - Sent through several live shows in the Audio Downloads area.
  • Joe Dupre - Allowed use of live Irvine, CA show from his collection!
  • Lee - Lyrics help!
  • Jason Marx - Lyrics help!
  • Per-Ake - Major contributor of info and content, including live photos of the band from 1984, three live shows from '84, '86 and '87, and scans of articles and live info.
  • Rodrigo Pinilla - Many years ago Rodrigo gave a copy of "The Bolshoi - Live in Argentina" to me to use on the site. He was the first major contributor!
  • Richard Ryea - Live video of Trevor's in-store concert from May 14, 2005.
  • Warren Swain - Allowed use of two live shows from his collection!


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