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In its brief existence, The Bolshoi got its fair share of ink.

From the release of Giants in 1985, to Lindy's Party hitting the streets in late 1987, the British press, including N.M.E., Melody Maker and Sounds, had plenty of articles and reviews covering The Bolshoi's singles, albums and numerous live shows.

I've been able to compile many clips, including ads for singles and lps. Now you can browse scans of these clips by clicking on the year on the left. Scroll down among the thumbs, click on an image and read what was said about the band (the good and the bad) so many years ago!

A special thanks to Per-Ake of Sweden for providing some of the scans, including the 1984 concert ad. I have noted his contributions in captions. He also has graciously allowed some cool concert photos he has taken to be included in the photo gallery!

Be sure to check out some of the recent Trevor Tanner scans, too. He's still busy as well!