Hello everybody.
Well, here it is, the word from the horses mouth about all things Bolshoi; past present, and future.
As far as the past goes, if you're reading this you probably know most of it. If not got to Beggars.com, as I'm sick of talking about the history of that part of my existence.
I haven't seen or heard from Nick or Jan in years. Last I heard, Nick was in London and Jan was in L.A., California (if either of you fellows are reading this, please get in touch...I don't want to put a phone number here for obvious reasons). Paul is in Seatle and we talk often (check out his web site electronicmusic.com). We collaborated on the track "Majorette" which you can down load here. We plan to work a lot more together in the future.
I have spent the last five years in the U.S.A. buggering about. However, the last two of them I spent closeted in the studio. I originally intended to make a solo album, but as time went by some songs took on a distinctively Bolshoi character. Having amassed some forty songs, I decided to release two CDs; one of the more "Trevorish" material, and one of the "Bolshoi-y" stuff.
The Trevor Tanner CD will be called "Master of the World," and you can hear the title track on the "AWay - best of the Bolshoi" compilation available from Beggars Banquet.
The "Bolshoi-y" material will be monikered "Overdriver 2000." Now, the fact that the other three members don't appear on this stuff (apart from Paul on the aforementioned "Majorette"), means that obviously I'm not going to pretend that it's the original band. But it's still me, so at the risk of sounding big-headed (who, moi?), I still think the Bolshoi is a relevant " tag."
So just to get it straight, I'll be calling it "The New Bolshoi." That way everyone will know what's what , without going..."what's up?" So now we all know where we are.
The new CDs will be released this summer and I'll be out and about, here and there for a while...playing somewhere near you with "The New Bolshoi," the band of friends and musical geniuses (ha), who have graciously deigned to help me out. Look on the picture page for the full horror.
Anyway - thanks for reading this drivel, and with the grace of God and a thousand angels, I'll see you soon.

Trevor Tanner

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