Press Release

After his (self described) "going mad" period, Trevor found himself living in the USA...with no real prospects or future. This was a grim time.

After meeting up with producer Chris Homsley, a solo album was embarked upon. Some two years and several dozen songs later, the results of Trevor's fevered imagination are ready to be revealed.

Two albums, "Master of the World" and "Overdriver 2000" are the products of this hubris.

"Master of the World" is Trevor's solo album, while "Overdriver 2000" is the New Bolshoi material. Not the original band, but pure Bolshoi nonetheless.

Look for both of these CD's in the Autumn of '99, around the same time as the official international release from Beggars Banquet, "A Way - the best of The Bolshoi." Incidentally, the "best of" contains two of Trevor's new tracks.

New converts and old fans alike will be blown away by the songs, as in TT's own words, "It's the best stuff I've ever done - honest".

Read Trevor's interview featured in FRIGHT X magazine.

 Take a look at some new pics of Trevor!


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